2000    MFA; Columbia University, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

1998    BFA; Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore, MD

1997    AICAD New York Studio Program, New York, NY; Educational Residency

1993    Richmond College of Art, London, England; Educational Residency


2015    “Somewhere In‐Between: jaguars, sorcery, volcanoes, death and other obstacles”

               Father Robert V. Carney Performing Arts Center. Milwaukee, WI

2015    “The Sound Behind You”

               The Sun That Never Sets. Westkill, NY

2015    “El Sol Oculto: un cuento romántico”

               NUBE Galería. Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

2014    “Perpetual Systems”, curated by Hugh O’Rourke.

               New York University. New York, NY

2014    “Spectacle and Normalcy in Time

               The Sun That Never Sets, Spring/Break Art Show. New York, NY

2013    “Fundación Vairoletto”

               Faena Art Center. Buenos Aires, Argentina

2013    “John Dilg and Karsten Krejcarek”

               Regina Rex. Ridgewood, Queens, NY

2013    “Metaphysical Interventions”

               Columbia University. LeRoy Neiman Gallery, New York, NY

2012    “These Transitional Spaces”

               Franklin Street Works. Stamford, CT

2012    “Heavy Rotation”

               Franklin Street Works. Stamford, CT

2012    “Exquisite Corpse Project”

               FAM NYC, New York, NY

2010    “You & Me Living Today”

               Gallery Four. Baltimore, MD

2010    “Behind Himself – Exhibiting Male Anxiety” curated by Terri Smith

               Ditch Projects. Springfield, OR

2009    “Seven in One! Seven in One‐third!!”

                Kate Werble Gallery. New York, NY

2009    “The Audio Show” organized by Seth Kelly

               Friedrich Petzel Gallery. New York, NY

2007    “In the Belly of the Whale” curated by Patrick Callery

               Tracy Williams Ltd. New York, NY

2006    “Figure It Out”

               Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art. Peekskill, NY

2005    “The Most Splendid Apocalypse” curated by Jason Murison

               PPOW Gallery. New York, NY

2004    “Daniela”

               Rare Gallery. New York, NY

2003    “Escape From New York” curated by Jason Murison

Summit Center for Visual Arts. Summit, NJ

2000    Untitled Video Screening

Walker Art Museum. Minneapolis, MN

2000    “Two Friends and So On organized by Jonathan Horowitz and Rob Pruitt

Andrew Kreps Gallery. New York, NY

1999    “Untitled (psychologist)” Artists Space. New York, NY


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2012    “El Sol Oculto: Un Cuento Rámantico” A public lecture and performance.

KIOSKO Galeria, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

2012    “Recording Realities”

A public conversation with Seth Kelly. Franklin Street Works, Stamford CT

2010   A Jungle of Signs”

A public conversation with Jesse Bransford. Feature Inc, New York, NY

2010    “He Seemed to Be His Own Ghost

A public conversation and performance with Seth Kelly,

as part of “Passing Time”, a lecture series curated by Adam Putnam.

80WSE, NYU Steinihardt, New York, NY

2007    “We Cross Our Bridges as We Come to Them and Burn Them Behind Us… Artist Talk/Performance

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA


2010‐201 Adjunct Faculty

New York University, Steinhardt

Department of Art and Art Professions

2000‐201 Visiting Critic, Lecturer

AICAD New York Studio Program; Buffalo State; Columbia University; New York

University; New School; University of Pennsylvania

1998‐200 Teaching Assistant

Columbia University

School of the Arts


2013    Fundación Tres Pinos

Buenos Aires, Argentina

2012    KIOSKO Residencia

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

2012    The Fountainhead

Miami, FL